Project: St. Paul Avenue Road, Sewer and Watermain Construction
Client: Brantford
Start Date: 06/19/2017
End Date: 05/19/2018
Budget: $4,197,107.00


  • Storm, Sanitary Sewers and Watermain with servicing to property line
  • 400mm Transmission Watermain between Dufferin Ave. and Brant St. replacing existing ductile main
  • Valve Chamber for Transmission Watermain at St. Paul Ave and Ada St.
  • Replacement of curb and cutter, sidewalks
  • Replacement of Roadway
  • New traffic signals and street lighting at Dufferin Ave.


Quantities Summary

  • 1046 m Sanitary Trunk Sewer
  • 917m of Storm Sewer
  • 1320m of Watermain
  • 1050m of full corridor road reconstruction including granular base, curbs, sidewalks and asphalt.